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Filmmaker Bio’s

Barbara Romaner
… grew up bilingual in German and Italian.  She studied piano at the music conservatory in Bolzano and acting at the Bavarian August Everding Theater Academy.  At the Volkstheater in Munich, Germany, she plays many lead roles – Gretchen in “Faust”, Ebole in “Don Carlos”, Maike in “Schilf.”  Barbara’s lead part as Alma in “Mahler auf der Couch” is her movie debut.

Johannes Silberschneider

… was discovered by film director Axel Corti.  He played in Dornhelm’s “Anne Frank -The Whole Story” with Ben Kingsley, “Rudolph-The Crown Prince” with Omar Sharif, with Letitia Casta in “Louisa Sanfelice” by the brothers Taviani, and in many more international films.  As a stage actor, he worked at the most prominent theaters in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, and Munich, under the direction of August Everding to Peter Zadek.  He plays the famous comedian Hans Moser in the 2010 movie “Jud Süss: Rise and Fall.”

Karl Markovics

…is the lead in the Academy Award winning Austrian production “Die Fälscher” (The Counterfeiters) by Stefan Ruzowitzky. Markovics is also respected for his stage and television work.  His specialty is performing solo shows featuring literature and music.  

Eva Mattes

… films include Werner Herzog’s “Stroszek” and “Woyzeck”, Fassbinder’s “Wildwechsel” and Percy Adlon’s “Celeste.”  Her recent films include Jean-Jacques Annaud’s “Enemy at the Gates” with Jude Law.  Peter Zadek was her mentor and director for many years of magnificent theater work.  Mattes is an excellent and passionate singer, daughter of Austrian composer/conductor Willy Mattes and actress Margit Symo .

Lena Stolze

… ‘s breakthrough came as Sophie Scholl in two different movies released in the same year in 1982: Michael Verhoeven’s “Die weiss Rose” and Percy Adlon’s “Fünf letze Tage” (German Film Award in Gold).  Her role as Sonja in Michael Verhoeven’s “The Nasty Girl” earned her an Oscar nomination and gave her international notoriety.  Her newest work is in “Nanga Parbat” by Joseph Vilsmaier (2010).

Friedrich Mücke

… became an overnight household name in Germany with the 2010 hit comedy “Friendship.”  He is a stage actor from Berlin.   His most recent role is Hamlet at the Volkstheater in Munich with Barbara Romaner as Ophelia.   

Percy Adlon best known for Bagdad Café (Out of Rosenheim), Salmonberries, Zuckerbaby, Celeste, and The Glamorous World of the Adlon Hotel.  He was a radio narrator for literature before he started making documentary films about art and the human condition. 

“Adlon’s cinematic style “ has a sweetness that lingers like a desert sunset.” – David Ansen - Newsweek.    

Felix Adlon

…studied film at Ithaca College.  He worked in film with his parents – Eleonore and Percy Adlon – since he was eight years old.  He co-wrote Salmonberries with his father and starred in “The Glamorous World of the Adlon Hotel.” “Eat Your Heart Out” was his directorial debut in 2000.

Benedict Neuenfels

… is the director of photography of the Oscar winner for best foreign film “The Counterfeiters” in 2007.  His other films include “Liebesleben” by Maria Schrader, “Anonyma-Eine Frau in Berlin” by Max Färberböck, and “Der Felsen” by Dominik Graf.  He learned his craft as assistant of Xaver Schwarzenberger and Robby Müller.  He is the son of actress Elisabeth Trissenaar and director Hans Neuenfels.

Esa-Pekka Salonon

… is the former music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the principle conductor of the London Philharmonia. He is known for his progressive combinations of classical and contemporary works.  Salonen is an internationally acclaimed composer.  His works include – LA Variations, Floof, Foreign Bodies, Wing on Wing, a Violin and Piano Concerto.