(The Strauss-Box), 1999

22 films with no dialogue, each set to an overlooked work by Johann Strauss. Percy Adlon's tribute to the composer on the 100th anniversary of his death.

Eva Mattes • Lolita Davidovich

Herbert Foettinger • Alfred Eschwé

Written by Percy Adlon

Produced by Eleonore Adlon

Cinematography – Percy Adlon, Ila von Hasberg, Johann Strauss Jr.

A pelemele Film/Leora Films production

Shot in DigiBeta PAL, color

Die Strausskiste I

1. "Horsepower" (3:32)

     Liebchen, schwing dich,

     Polka Mazur, op. 394

     Dirtbikers, airshow pilots, and circus horses

     compete with the orchestra’s power.

2. "Addio Venezia" (8:37)

     Souvenir de Nizza, Walzer, op. 200

     A young woman (Lolita Davidovich) recalls

     a ball in a Venetian palace.

3. "Inspiration" (4:01)

     Bonbon, Polka française,  op. 213 

     An uninspired painter dreams of three

     models peeling off their clothes on a

     turning platform. The excitement exhausts

     him so much that he falls asleep.

4. "Sweet Things" (4:54)

     Patronessen, Polka française, op. 286

     At the Café Demel in Vienna, patrons

     wordlessly share their passionate

     indulgence in the world's most sinful


5. "Offenbach Undressed" (5:37)

     Orpheus-Quadrille, op. 236

     Frolicking and flirtation ​among the actors

     and dancers backstage at a dress rehearsal.

6. "Forever Flirt" (7:16)

     Gunstwerber, Walzer, op.4

     At a tea dance in a Viennese senior home,

     an old waltz brings back bittersweet

     memories of the residents' younger days.

7. "Gold!" (5:03)

     Figaro-Polka, op. 320

     A young upholstery apprentice discovers

     that an old sofa holds a staggering treasure.

8. "Rendezvous" (4:41)

     Taubenpost, Polka française, op 237

     Tourists, regulars, and a mysterious stranger

     meet at the golden Strauss statue at the

     Volkspark in Vienna.

9. "The Jogger" (2:56)

     Herrmann-Polka, op. 91

     While her husband is off jogging in the park

     of Schönbrunn Castle, a woman enjoys a

     magical performance in her royal bedroom.

10."Clara and Claire" (8:16)

     Ballg’schichten, Walzer, op.150

     Two horse-crazy backpackers are
     disappointed that they can’t afford the fare

     for a coach tour through Vienna, but

     they discover a sisterly soul in one coachwoman.

11."Greenhouse Effect" (2:23)

      Ottinger Reiter-Marsch, op. 83

      A brass band accidentally ends up in a

      greenhouse, and soon becomes hopelessly

      lost among the leaves.

12."Electrified" (2:22)

      Elektrophor, Polka schnell, op. 297

      Between the lightning, the musicians, and

      the wind farm, there's no energy crisis here!

Die Strausskiste II

1. "Bread for the Heroes" (2:56)

     Krönungs-Marsch, op. 183

     In an allergy-inducing environment, bakers bake, stainless steel         arms turn, Generals march, and filmmakers shoot.

2. “Niagara” (8:06)

     Lavaströme, Walzer, op. 264

     A Marilyn Monroe look-alike seeks her own movie moment at the       top of the famous falls.

3. "Old Acquaintances" (5:10)

     Künstler-Quadrille, op. 201

     At Death Valley Junction, a deserted opera house is enlivened by       the dancing of a septuagenarian ballerina and her faithful                   stagehand companion.

4. "The Tzitzit Spinner" (9:38)

     Patronessen, Walzer, op. 264

     In medieval Morocco, a Jewish man spins traditional tassels for           religious garments, one of the most important symbols of his             ancient faith.

5. "Flying High" (2:23)

     Furioso-Polka, op. 260

     A training session turns into a competition, as soloists of the             Mussorgski Ballet challenge each other to reach ever-greater             heights.

6. "Nijinskij at the Laundromat" (5:06)

     Seladon-Quadrille, op. 48

     A fastidious man finds a creative solution to the problem of               cleaning  his only set of clothes.

7. "The Autograph" (9:10)

     Abschied von St. Petersburg, Walzer, op. 210

     Recalls the married Johann Strauss’ love affair with a student             in St. Petersburg.

8. "Happy Birthday" (1:59)

     Scherz-Polka, op. 72

     Meet Gideon, the filmmakers’ granddaughter, as she celebrates         her second birthday.

9. "Circuswaltz" (9:59)

      In’s Zentrum, Walzer, op. 387

      Audience and performers bid farewell at the season's last                  performance of Circus Roncalli.

10. "Triumph of the Kiss" (3:36)

       Kaiser Franz Joseph I

       Rettungs-Jubel Marsch, op. 126

       Love conquers all with a parade and kissing contest, set to a               heroic and patriotic march.