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Lots of tasty ingredients, like heart, fun, conflict, romance, true friendship, and omelets to die for.

A film by Felix Adlon

Christian Oliver • Pamela Segall (Pamela Adlon) • Laura San Giacomo • Linda Hunt

John Craig, Jackie Guerra

A dishy young chef's promising career is sidetracked, and his relationship tested, when a gorgeous agent sets out to sink her teeth into him.

Screenplay by Felix Adlon and Laura Slakey

Produced by Eleonore Adlon

Director of Photography – Judy Irola

Editor – Dan Lebental

Casting – Mary Jo Slater, C.S.A., Paul Webber

Costume Design – Anita Cabada

Production Design – Berndt Amadeus Capra

Music by Alex Wurman

English, 94 min.

Distributed worldwide to 23 countries by Overseas Filmgroup

"The nice thing about  this movie is that it never takes itself seriously: there are no ominous overtones to the everyday problems many of us face, just realistic resolutions. The entire cast is quite good, with especial attention to Pamela Segall and Christian Oliver. The direction by Felix O. Adlon is sensitive and well paced, and a nod goes to the fine editing of Dan Lebental. Definitely worth viewing for a warm summer evening's pleasant entertainment."

–Grady Harp, IMDB

Daniel:   Is this a pitch?

Kathryn: It's a bitch of a pitch. And I'm the witch who could turn your pumpkin into a Ferrari.

Premiered at Filmfest München 1997

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