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"Shot 'Dogma' style as with surveillance cameras. Best new film out of Germany you’ll never see."

- The Hollywood Reporter

"Reveals an electric screen presence in newcomer Valeria Hernandez as the Chicana wth ambition to burn.”

- Variety

A film by Percy Adlon

André Eiserman  •  Richard Bradford

Valeria Hernandez

Shareen Mitchell, Tsi Ma, Gerhard Geschwind

Michael Grimm, Florian Fitz

With Richard Roundtree

Can't Find My Way written by Bob Telson

Performed by Jevetta Steele

A romantic drama/detective story about big-time copyright fraud and a bigger-time crush. A complicated love triangle plays out to a dramatic climax, taking us from a strip mall somewhere in the glaring dust of Los Angeles County to a dark forest in Germany.

Screenplay by Percy and Eleonore Adlon

Produced by Eleonore Adlon

Produced for television by Benigna von Keyserlingk

Director of Photography – Rudolpho Paul

Editor – Jochen Künstler

Production design – Bernt Amadeus Capra, Camilla Nagler

Costume design – Christina Kern, Stacy Porter

Music by Bob Telson

A co-production of pelemele Film, Munich; Leora Films, Santa Monica; and Bayerischer Rundfunk

Premiered at the Munich Film Festival, 2002

Shot on minidv transferred to 35mm

Silverlake (Los Angeles) and Frauenau, Bavaria

July/August 2000

English, 107 min



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