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A film by Percy Adlon

Marianne Sägebrecht • Brad Davis • Judge Reinhold

Erika Blumberger, Willy Harlander, Patricia Zehentmayr,

John Hawkes, Alex Winter, Courtney Kraus

When you're $100,000 in debt, it's your problem. When you're $1,000,000 in's the bank's...

"Säegebrecht is so disarming, so serenely tough and so utterly unclassifiable that her presence works real magic."

– Janet Maslin, The New York Times

"It's like The Addams Family in Arkansas, without the creepiness."

– Anonymous reviewer, IMDB

Marianne Sägebrecht, the Junoesque heroine of SUGARBABY and BAGDAD CAFE, returns as GI wife and mother Rosalie, who is doing her best to live the American Dream in Stuttgart, Arkansas. You can't help but fall in love with this innocently tacky family, as they pile onto the couch to watch commercials and sing along with the jingles. But Rosalie's credit card bills are catching up to her, and it seems she will be another victim of American consumerism...until she discovers computers and the nascent Internet. Sitting at the keyboard in her negligee, Rosalie conquers the financial big leagues as an unrepentant hacker and con woman extraordinaire. As she beats the system to a pulp, it is deeply satisfying to watch her serve the predatory capitalists with a generous dose of their own medicine.

Screenplay by Percy and Eleonore Adlon

Produced by Eleonore Adlon

Produced for television by Dietrich von Watzdorf

Director of Photography - Bernd Heinl

Editor - Jean Claude Piroue

Production design - Stephen Lineweaver

Costume design - Elizabeth Warner Nankin

Score by Bob Telson

A pelemele Film production

Shot on 35mm in the autumn of 1998 in Stuttgart, AK

English, 94 minutes

Official German Entry, Cannes Film Festival, 1990

Best Film, Section “Cinema y Denaro”, International Film Festival Viareggio, 1998



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