(Zuckerbaby), 1984

"SUGARBABY may not shrink your waistline, but it is guaranteed to liquidise your heart."

- Elle Magazine

A film by Percy Adlon

Marianne Sägebrecht  •  Eisi Gulp

Manuela Denz, Toni Berger, Hans Stadlbauer

Screenplay by Percy Adlon

Produced by Eleonore Adlon

Director of Photography - Johanna Heer

Editor - Jean-Claude Piroué

Music by Dreieier

A pelemele Film production

Shot on 35mm Fujifilm in Munich, Aug - Sept, 1984

German, 86 minutes

Subtitle options: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

"She" is a big, not-so-young woman who works in a funeral parlor. "He" is the young subway driver whose voice over the loudspeaker hits her like a bolt of lightning one day as she is enduring her daily commute. Spurred by an irrational passion, she abandons her dreary responsibilities and sets out on a mission to find and seduce the man behind the voice. This is the quirky love story of a woman coming into her own, and the dumbfounded man who falls head-over-heels, and simply stops going home.

Premiered at the 1985 Berlin International Film Festival as the Forum’s “Surprise Film”

U.S. premiere: New York Film Festival, 1985

Ernst-Lubitsch Award for Marianne Sägebrecht



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